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BST is structured to work directly with Integrators and their clients, utilizing its network of trained and certified integrating partners worldwide, BST can react quickly and efficiently to any change requests or issues that arise pre-sales or post project installation. The BST support team will work closely with the sales team during the project installation to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the experience and customer service.

With years of experience in solving complex security and networking issues BST has developed many strong long term alliances with integration leaders around the world.

BST is also structured to effectively work with Large integrators that offer managed services. The needs of the service provider/integrator are structured differently since the integrator needs full control over the day to day operations of the customer’s locations in order to provide consistent service and monitoring. Thus, all product testing and certifications are performed by Major Local North American labs Like NTS Labs and CRIQ

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Engaging a secure

Our goal is to help you deliver the levels of service your customers expect through reducing costs and providing greater business agility by modernizing the surveillance infrastructures and applications. We aim to introduce solutions that reduce risk by implementing advanced loss prevention systems integrating CCTV, Access control, and security communications along with other alarm devices in a single user-friendly platform called “SMS” security management system that will radically improve any security experience.

Discover new ways to

An increasing level of innovative security supply is a certainty. BSTsecurity technological approach helps manage and implement the solution to security issues in an advanced context where your clients can explore emerging technologies and sector trends. These solutions allow standardized access interactions and enables automated workflows, as a consequence, managing your client security profile becomes more effective and the process more efficient.

A new breed of

Automating processes using BSTsecurity surveillance provides numerous possibilities to serve your client in the most valuable way, where solutions are tailored to maximize security and safety control through the analysis of each project’s requirements. The benefit of this approach is providing your clients with the most suitable implementation of solutions that will meet compliance in any country.

Product Development & Design

All Camera components are manufactured by leading industry
Manufacturers ex. Sony, Omnivision, Panasonic ….

Manufacturing with Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Commitment to
Security and Integration industries worldwide

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Buildings, Military Facilities


High Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls


Hotels, Casinos, Museum


Chain Stores, Coffee Shops Chains,
Pharmacy Chains


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Reliability Are required.

BST Security recognizes the needs for personal safety and asset protection, thus the companies complete focus is to provide clients with a simple, yet a fully advanced solution to strengthen their security platform. BST Security’s goal is to enable people and organizations to enhance the security of their institutional, commercial or residential properties.

We provide high technology, innovative and reliable products with complete integrated software solutions detailed for every need. Through a wide channel of partners, we strive to implement public safety and increase operational efficiency. Consistent and positive attitude towards our customers is an essential must at all times. Therefore we always communicate with honesty and credibility, providing customized software solutions and hardware products and ensuring a quick and accurate response. Our knowledge and experience in this industry allow us to always offer product excellence at a very reasonable cost.

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High Quality And Professional Security Solutions

The customized solution guarantees an outstanding user experience and delivers optimum product performance. Thus, BSTsecurity emphasizes on it’s technical and engineering knowledge to provide its customers with Canadian tailor-made systems.


As the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and other trends proliferate, the enterprise client is increasingly demanding ways to do more with their data, including their access control and other security systems.

There is a lot of data captured by a Video Surveillance system that, when correlated with other information can tell a lot about risk, utilization, and efficiency. Ideal for analyzing areas such as insider threats, geolocation risk analysis and more.

Business intelligence can not only help an enterprise with its security processes but go much deeper, adding value to a complete platform including intelligence in Video surveillance and Access control systems. Situational awareness and big data are two hot trends every enterprise is seeking to understand and utilize, most clients are looking to be able to identify problems on one platform.

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Understanding the importance of having one unified system to manage Security, BST works with the client to find the best fit for its organization. This has been achieved in the past with (often complex) integrations.

But increasingly the industry is coming up with standards, protocols and unified offerings to make things easier.

BST allows enterprise customers to be more streamlined and leverage third-party systems they already have an investment in. The BST Management system has many existing brand name cameras already integrated into the integration platform.

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With enterprise-level CCTV and access control systems performing more and more, the issue of ongoing operations and maintenance is becoming critical.

Customers are beginning to look at cloud computing environments and wireless technologies as a service to help with these challenges. Leveraging the cloud to host CCTV and access control solutions while deploying devices at the site eliminates the need to deploy and maintain on-premises software.

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